Heart Sounds Drill 1


This program teaches heart sound auscultation through repetition.

On the left is a list of drills. For each drill there is an introduction, a presentation of two sounds and a test.

In the test there is a recommended number of repetitions and a percentage pass rate. If you complete the number of repetitions with a pass rate greater than or equal to the required pass rate (and if you are a registered user) the fact will be recorded in your file.

Start by selecting a drill from the list. Good luck!

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About the authors:
by Jonathan Keroes, MD, Cardiologist (ret) and David Lieberman, Software Developer.

How To Use The Lessons

Please use good quality headphones or earphones.

Each lesson consists of a listen page and a test page. To complete the lesson, you must successfully pass the lesson's test. The 'status' button provides a summary of progress for all lessons within this drill module.

After completing a lesson it will be check-marked. Use the table of contents to select another lesson for learning and testing.


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