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Pediatric Referrals: Auscultation Lessons, Sounds, Video

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Pediatric murmurs can be innocent or require referral. This course aims to improve your auscultation skills and decisions-making for pediatric heart murmurs. The cases include patient history, a heart sounds auscultation page and a decision page.

Good quality headphones or earphones are needed to hear the heart sounds and murmurs.

Cardinal Clinical Signs

There are six cardinal clinical signs on cardiac examination which prove to be significant independent predictors of the presence of a confirmed cardiac lesion. The six signs are the following:

  1. A murmur of intensity 3 or greater.
  2. The murmur is best heard at LUSB (2LICS).
  3. The murmur is of harsh quality.
  4. The murmur is pansystolic.
  5. The presence of a systolic click.
  6. The presence of an abnormal second heart sound (fixed splitting with respiration).

Course Completion Certificate

Upon completing all cases within this course (during one session), you will be able to print a course completion certificate.

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How To Use Course Lessons

Each lesson consists of multiple pages: text description with audio recording and  dynamic waveform pages. Some lessons include a cardiac animation and exercises pages. To view these lesson pages, use the tabs which appear above each lesson's content.

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