Lung Sounds - Breath Sounds

Lung Sounds Reference Guide

This auscultation reference guide includes over twenty adventitious and normal breath sounds. The guide also includes listening tips and waveforms with a moving cursor.

Breath Sounds Guide

Lung Sounds Courses

Learn breath sounds. our courses cover basic and intermediate levels of these sounds. The basic course focuses on common vesicular, bronchial breath sounds and crackles and wheezes. The intermediate course covers advanced forms of wheezes and crackles and introduces voiced sounds (bronchophony, egophony, whispered pectoriloquy).

Lung Sounds Lessons

Auscultation For Respiratory Care

For respiratory therapists, we have create a dedicated website for learning breath sounds as well as other essential clinical skills.

Lung Sounds in Respiratory Care

Auscultation Repetition Training

For some learners, auscultation repetition training is a useful complement to our courses. The repetition training modules include audio and a dynamic lung sound waveform for helping users learn each breath sound.

Repetition Training

Pulmonary Problem Solving

We provide two courses, each with eight cases in pulmonary problem solving that integrate clinical skills training with respiratory care. These cases require knowledge, reasoning and patient assessment skills.

Pulmonary Problems


Diane Wrigley, Physician Assistant
William French, Author and Medical Educator

Editorial Review
Dr Barbara Erikson, Auscultation Educator/Author

Lung Sounds Publications

The publishers and authors have previously created other auscultation books and CDs, including:
  • Learning Lung Sounds CD, Publisher: 3M Littmann, UPC: 00707387565930
  • Prentice Hall Heart and Lung Sounds, Workbook and CD, Publisher: Pearson, ISBN: 9780131949003
  • Learning Lung Sounds - Web Site Edition, Publisher: 3M Littmann