Auscultation Training By Repetition

Memorize Heart Murmurs and Lung Sounds

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As a supplement to our courses and reference guides, we provide repetition auscultation training. Auscultatory repetition training has been used in the CardioSource Heart Songs CDs and in several for-fee software products. The effectiveness of this type of training was reported in CHEST in 2004: 'Mastering Cardiac Murmurs* : The Power of Repetition' by Michael J. Barrett, Carolyn S. Lacey, Amy E. Sekara, Erica A. Linden and Edward J. Gracely.

Using Repetition Training

Select a heart or lung sound from the list below. For each sound, the audio recording will be repeated for two to three minutes. As the sound plays, a waveform with cursor is displayed for visual reinforcement. Textual listening tips are also provided. Most of the heart sounds repetition lessons include a choice or actual patient recordings and simulated heart sounds.