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Auscultation Repetition Training: 57.

Acute Pericarditis

For best results from repetition training, listen for 2-3 minutes.

auscultation sound from lesson


Listening Tips

S1: Rubbing, scratchy sound
Systole: Rubbing, scratchy sound, usually loudest during systole
S2: Rubbing, scratchy sound
Diastole: Rubbing, scratchy sound

Learning Resources

If you need to learn heart sound or refresh your skills, you can use our training modules with our audio, video and text lessons. Many of our auscultation modules at no charge. We suggest starting with normal sounds, then first, second and third/fourth heart sounds, then adding the several abnormal murmurs.

heart sounds auscultation image

Popular Modules

Course and quiz certificates are available for users enrolled in Auscultation-Essentials or Advanced. Achievement certificates can be printed and are saved to the user's dashboard.

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