Auscultation Repetition Training lungs

As a supplement to our courses and reference guides, we provide repetition auscultation training. The effectiveness of this type of training was reported in CHEST in 2004: 'Mastering Cardiac Murmurs* : The Power of Repetition' by Michael J. Barrett, Carolyn S. Lacey, Amy E. Sekara, Erica A. Linden and Edward J. Gracely.

This module was created by Dr. Jonathan Keroes, MD, Cardiologist, David Lieberman, Heart Sound Simulation Engineer. Review by Dr. Barbara Erickson, Author and Editor.

Users are encouraged to first master the heart sounds content available in various modules (mini-courses) on this website.

heart sounds auscultation training by repetition
Bronchial [Repetition]
Bronchophony Abnormal
Bronchophony Abnormal
Bronchophony Healthy [Repetition]
Bronchophony Healthy
Bronchovesicular [Repetition]
Crackles Coarse (Rales) [Repetition]
Crackles Coarse (Rales)
Crackles Early Inspiratory (Rales) [Repetition]
Crackles Early Inspiratory (Rales)
Crackles Fine (Rales) [Repetition]
Crackles Fine (Rales)
Crackles - High Pitched (Rales)
Crackles - High Pitched (Rales)
Crackles Late Inspiratory (Rales) [Repetition]
Crackles Late Inspiratory (Rales)
Crackles Low Pitched (Rales) [Repetition]
Crackles Low Pitched (Rales)
Egophony a [Repetition]
Egophony-e [Repetition]
Rhonchi - Low Pitched Wheezes [Repetition]
Rhonchi - Low Pitched Wheezes
Stridor [Repetition]
Vesicular - Diminished [Repetition]
Vesicular - Diminished
Vesicular - Normal
Vesicular - Normal
Wheeze [Repetition]
Wheezes - Expiratory [Repetition]
Wheezes - Expiratory
Wheezes - High Pitched [Repetition]
Wheezes - High Pitched
Wheezes - Low Pitched [Repetition]
Wheezes - Low Pitched
Wheezes - Monophonic [Repetition]
Wheezes - Monophonic
Wheezes - Polyphonic [Repetition]
Wheezes - Polyphonic
Whispered Pectoriloquy - Abnormal [Repetition]
Whispered Pectoriloquy - Abnormal
Whispered Pectoriloquy - Healthy [Repetition]
Whispered Pectoriloquy - Healthy
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