Basics of Lung Sounds: Auscultation Lessons, Sounds, Video

This module provides students with the opportunity to hone their auscultation skills for important breath sounds through recordings, waveform tracings, and concise lessons. Learners are presented with lessons for vesicular sounds, crackles, wheezes, rhonchi, pleural rubs, and bronchial sounds.

This comprehensive lung sounds course will help you master the basics with text, audio recordings and a torso diagram. But don’t overlook the waveform video -- it can be an important asset when visualizing various lung sounds including normal vesicular breath sound, crackles, wheezing noise rhonchi, pleural rubs and bronchial noises.

After completing a lesson, use the lesson table of contents to navigate to another lesson.

When all lessons have been completed, we recommend using the auscultation practice exercises or quiz. In order to gain a certificate of achievement, please complete the course lessons and practice drill during one session. Most users complete the course in 30-45 minutes.

Course Completion

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