Korotkoff Sounds - Taking Blood Pressure

Korotkoff Sounds Definition

Korotkoff sounds are blood flow sounds that healthcare providers observe while taking blood pressure with a sphygmomanometer over the brachial artery in the antecubital fossa. These sounds appear and disappear as the blood pressure cuff is inflated and deflated.

Blood Pressure and Korotkoff Sounds Audio

aneroid manometer

Our Korotkoff Sounds simulator allows you to practice taking blood pressure manually. In each case study, you will be able to practice measuring blood pressure by these steps:
1) Inflate the cuff by pressing the 'Inflate Cuff' button several times
2) Deflate the cuff by selecting one of the 'Open Valve' settings
3) Close the valve
4) Read the blood pressure values while listening for Korotkoff Sounds
5) Switch between dial and mercury sphygmomanometers

* The blood pressure cuff simulator requires an up-to-date web browser. *

Adult Cases

Using our adult case studies you will learn how to take blood pressure readings and review patient history/test results in order to derive a diagnosis. A wide combination of heart rates and blood pressures will provide plenty of practice for using Korotkoff Sounds.

Adult Blood Pressure Course - Part I

Pediatric Cases

You will learn pediatric patient assessment skills by practicing blood pressure measurement by auscultation (Korotkoff Sounds). The NIH's blood pressure classification tables for children are used as part of each case study.

Pediatric Blood Pressure Course