Introducing EKG Training

Over the next few months we will be adding 14 EKG courses to this website. Please return as we expand our EKG interpretation training content. If you have an immediate need, please visit EKG.Academy for more training.

Each of these modules will include lecture materials and interactive question and answer exercises. Upon completing a module, users can take a quiz. Quiz results will be saved to the user's dashboard.

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Free, No Sign-in

EKG Basics  Free

A short course to teach you the basics of EKGs and introduce you to EKG terminology. A quiz is available to allow you to practice basic EKG analysis.

EKG Basics

Rhythm Interpretation  Free

This module will teach you the key concepts and procedures of EKG interpretation. Interactive questions and answers are available throughout the module.

Rhythm Analysis Methods

Sinus Rhythms  Free

This sinus rhythms module will train you to recognize key EKG tracing morphologic features as well as additional characteristics. Sinus bradycardia, sinus tachycardia and sinus arrest are covered.

Sinus Rhythms

Free After Sign-In

Atrial Rhythms  Free

This presentation covers atrial rhythms, focusing on atrial rhythms' essential features and morphologic characteristics. We have also included a refresher review of analysis methods.

Atrial Rhythms

Junctional Rhythms   Free

Beginning with a review of rhythm analysis, our Junctional Rhythms module describes the morphologic features and qualifying criteria of this category of EKGs.

Junctional Rhythms

Performing 12-Lead

Learn how to take 12 lead ECG, including preparation, application of electrodes and handling artifact.

Performing ECGs

EKG-Essentials Modules

More training modules are arriving during May. For immediate needs, visit our other website: EKG Academy. Your username and password will work there.

Ventricular Rhythms Module

After a brief review of cardiac rhythm analysis, this module focuses on the morphologic features and qualifying criteria of ventricular rhythms.

Ventricular Rhythms

Pacemaker Rhythms Module

This pacemaker rhythms module reviews EKG rhythm analysis, followed by a presentation of morphologic features and qualifying criteria.

Pacemaker Rhythms

Heart Block Rhythms Module

Our heart block rhythms module covers First, Second (Type I and Type II), and Third Degree Heart Blocks. We present key morphologic features and important qualifying criteria for each type of heart block.

Heart Block Rhythms

12-Lead ECG Axis

Learn the fundamentals of electrical axis determination and axis deviation.

12 Lead Axis

Bundle Branch Block

Learn to recognize the morphologic features and criteria for complete left or right bundle branch block. Practice exercises available.

Bundle Branch Block

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