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Carotid bruit: A 65 year old man in emergency room afte.


A 65 year old man is seen in the emergency room due to a fainting episode. No history of chest pain or shortness of breath with exertion.


Use the 'auscultation' link above to virtually listen to this patient's heart and carotid sounds.

Auscultation Tips

Significant independent predictors of the presence of a confirmed cardiac lesion:

  • A loud murmur of intensity 3 or greater.
  • Best heard at the pulmonic location (2LICS).
  • Harsh sound.
  • Pansystolic murmur.
  • Systolic click.
  • Abnormal second heart sound - fixed splitting during respiration.

A 65 year old man in emergency room after fainting episode - History

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