Blood Pressure Reading

Blood Pressure Reading

Welcome to our blood pressure reading guide. In this section we provide a review of how to take blood pressure; assessment guides for adults and children; practice drills for the assessment of hypertension in children; and a series of case studies on hypertension and hypotension blood pressure.

* The blood pressure cuff simulator requires an up-to-date web browser. *

Blood Pressure Simulator

Many of our cases use a blood pressure simulator for practice in reading blood pressure. For each case, you will be able to:
1) Inflate the simulator cuff
2) Deflate the cuff
3) Close the valve
4) Determine systolic and diastolic values listening for Korotkoff Sounds
5) Use either mercury or dial cuffs

aneroid manometer for blood pressure reading

Adult Cases

Our adult case studies provide training for assessing blood pressure using our simulator. These cases also incorporate heart and lung sounds, patient charts and test results. The cases presented involve hypertension and hypotension.

Adult Blood Pressure Course - Part I

Pediatric Cases

We have also includes several simplified pediatric cases. Users will practice evaluation of hypertension using the NIH's classification tables for children.

Pediatric Blood Pressure Course