Cases Related To Blood Pressure - Part II

Course Overview


Continuing from Part 1, this course provides lessons regarding how to obtain blood pressure readings, heart and lung sounds, patient history and test results in order to establish a diagnosis and a treatment plan. The cases presented involve hypotension (low blood pressure), hypertension (high blood pressure) and cases concerning elevation of only systolic or diastolic pressures. Clinical conditions which are associated with hypertensive and hypotensive conditions are included among the cases. 

How To Use

This module currently requires a desktop browser or full-sized tablet (IOS or Android). Smartphones and mini-tablets are not currently supported. The patient cases provide a content for practicing exam and diagnostic skills. Each case consists of multiple pages:
  • patient history
  • blood pressure
  • heart and lung sounds
  • lab results
  • diagnosis and treatment
To view these pages, use the tabs that appear near the top of the page, under the case title.

Your Score

On each lesson page, a score box can be found in the left sidebar. At the end of your browser session your scoring information is removed.

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