Thoracic Ultrasound

The Anterior Pleural Line

The Pleural Line

  • Right or left midclavicular line
  • Linear (pneumothorax)
  • Phased (alveolar interstitial fluid)

sensor position
sensor position


So we’ll now move to interrogating the anterior superior thoracic space, and this is not going to be good for effusion since effusions are inferior, but it does allow us to interrogate the pleural line, both for pneumothorax and for interstitial fluid from something like pulmonary edema or alveolar interstitial syndrome. We can use either the linear probe or the phased array probe, typically the linear probe is going to give us more detail of the pleural line for something like pneumothorax, but the phased array can be quite good for determining artifacts such as b lines that again we’ll talk about with alveolar interstitial syndrome.

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