Equipment and Preparation ECG Interpretation #319


Prior to starting work every day you should check your ECG machine to ensure the machine is working properly (turn it on and make sure there aren’t any issues with error codes etc.), inspect the cables for damage and clips for gel buildup.


Finally, check to be sure it is well stocked to include:

  • Electrodes (sensors)
  • Gauze and skin prep solution (as approved by your facility)
  • Razor or clippers and a roll of tape (for hair removal)
  • Skin adhesive and or antiperspirant
  • EKG Paper (if your machine is required to provide a hard-copy)


  • Make sure the gain & paper speed is set as ordered by the physician (standard gain - 10mm/mV & standard speed - 25mm/sec)
  • An image like this indicating paper speed and gain should be seen on your 12-Lead ECG print out
  • ekg paper speed and gain
  • If your protocols are different, always follow them.

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