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Intermediate Lung Sounds: Auscultation Lessons, Sounds, Video

In this intermediate course, expand your auscultation proficiency with breath sounds like wheezes, crackles, and stridor. Further deepen your understanding by hearing voiced lung sounds in normal and abnormal scenarios. Follow along with the audio examples which are accompanied by text descriptions alongside dynamic waveforms for further comprehension.

This course offers an in-depth examination of lung abnormalities, providing students with descriptive texts and diagrams to indicate the optimal location for stethoscope chestpiece placement. Audio recordings combined with waveforms provide a comprehensive visual aid that will help learners gain further insight into understanding these unique sounds.

After completing a lesson, use the lesson table of contents to navigate to another lesson.

When all lessons have been completed, we recommend using the auscultation practice exercises or quiz. In order to gain a certificate of achievement, please complete the course lessons and practice drill during one session. Most users complete the course in 30-45 minutes.

Course Completion

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