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History: 75 year old woman with marked elevation of blo.


A 75 year old woman is admitted to the hospital with a diagnosis of marked elevation of blood pressure. Patient takes no medication.

Physical Exam

High blood pressure (200/110). Pulse rate 70. Swollen ankles.


Use the 'auscultation' link above to virtually listen to this patient's heart and carotid sounds.

Auscultation Tips

Significant independent predictors of the presence of a confirmed cardiac lesion:

  • A loud murmur of intensity 3 or greater.
  • Best heard at the pulmonic location (2LICS).
  • Harsh sound.
  • Pansystolic murmur.
  • Systolic click.
  • Abnormal second heart sound - fixed splitting during respiration.

75 year old woman with marked elevation of blood pressure - History

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