Introduction Part 2 ECG Interpretation

P Wave & QRS Complex

  • The coordination of the P wave and QRS complex is also affected by the increased conduction velocity of the electrical impulses in the ventricular myocardium.
  • The inverted P wave may be seen before or after the QRS complex, or it may be buried within it.
  • Refer to the image on the next slide to reinforce this concept.


junctional ecg image 2

Intro to PJC

  • PJC's can occur for a number of different reasons i.e., diet, fatigue, stress, disease, ischemia to name a few.
  • Premature complexes frequently occur in bradycardic rhythms, but may occur almost any time.
  • PJC's occur when an early electrical impulse occurs from a location in the atria other than the SA node.


We will be discussing the following complexes and rhythms:

  • Premature Junctional Complexes and Junctional
  • Escape Beats
  • Junctional Rhythm
  • Accelerated Junctional Rhythm
  • Junctional Tachycardia
  • Although not specifically a Junctional rhythm, we include supraventricular tachycardia because it may originate above the ventricles (including the junction).

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