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Ventricular Asystole ECG Interpretation #315

Ventricular Asystole

  • Another form of Asystole you may encounter is called Ventricular Asystole.
  • The features are the same as traditional Asystole, with one exception.
  • There will be P waves present in this tracing.
  • The patient is clinically dead. The patient will not survive with just atrial depolarization.
  • (Follow your local reporting and treatment protocols)
ventricular asystole tracing

Practice Strip

ventricular ecg image 122

Analyze this tracing using the five steps of rhythm analysis.

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  • Rhythm: Regular
  • Rate: Atria – 52, Ventricles - 0
  • P Wave: Upright and uniform
  • PR interval: absent
  • QRS: absent
  • Interpretation: Ventricular Asystole

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