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Asystole ECG Interpretation #315

Description of Asystole ECG

  • Asystole dysrhythmia occurs when there is a total absence of electrical activity in the heart.
  • The patient is clinically dead.
  • Sometimes this tracing is referred to as straight line or flat line.
  • There will be an absence of P waves and QRS complexes.
  • True Asystole is an absolute medical emergency.
  • (Follow your local reporting and treatment protocols)
  • If your patient is speaking to you, they are NOT in Asystole. Check your attachments and equipment.
asystole tracing

Practice Strip

ventricular ecg image 121

Analyze this tracing using the five steps of rhythm analysis.

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  • Rhythm: Absent
  • Rate: 0
  • P Wave: absent
  • PR interval: n/a
  • QRS: absent
  • Interpretation: Asystole

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