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Bronchovesicular Reference Guide


Inspiration to expiration periods are equal. These are normal sounds in the mid-chest area or in the posterior chest between the scapula. They reflect a mixture of the pitch of the bronchial breath sounds heard near the trachea and the alveoli with the vesicular sound. They have an I:E ratio of 1:1.

Patient Recording

patient heart or lung sound

Patient Recording - Half Speed Playback

patient heart or lung sound


Patient position
The patient's position should be sitting.

Listening Tips

Features:Inspiration to expiration periods are equal. Low to medium pitch. Soft intensity.

Waveform (Phonocardiogram)

Bronchovesicular | Description, Audio and Animations | #136

Authors and Reviewers

Authored by Dr. Jonathan Keroes, MD and Diane Wrigley, PA.
Medically reviewed by Dr. Barbara Erickson, PhD, RN, CCRN.
Last Update: 12/06/2021



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