Egophony - e

Egophony is a distinct sound often likened to the bleating of goats. It can be identified by asking patients to repeatedly say "Eeee" and listening attentively for higher intensity over abnormal lung areas. In comparison, healthy regions typically produce clear pronunciation with no particular nasal tone, as demonstrated on the Egophony - a lesson.

Patient Sounds

patient heart or lung sound
Egophony - e

Half Speed Patient Sounds

patient heart or lung sound
Egophony - e


Patient position
The patient's position should be sitting.

Auscultation Tips

Features:Ask patient to say "eeeeeee". Auscultate the lungs. Over healthy lung areas, the sound is understandable as an "e".

Sound Wave

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Egophony - e | Auscultation Cheat Sheet with Sounds & Video | #137

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