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Idioventricular Rhythm ECG Interpretation with Sample Strip

ECG Strip

ecg rhythm strip for reference guide

Idioventricular Rhythm Rhythm Strip Features

Rate: Slow (20-40 bpm)
Rhythm: Regular
P Wave: Absent
PR Interval: Not measurable
QRS: Wide (>0.10 sec), bizarre appearance

Idioventricular rhythm is an arrhythmia originating in an ectopic site in the ventricles. These rhythms occur when the main cardiac pacemaker is not functioning or has slowed. The myocardium of the ventricles takes-over the pace making role. These ventricular signals move across the ventricles without benefit of the conduction system, thus creating long (wide) QRS complexes. Heart rates are usually 20-45 bpm. Faster idioventricular rhythms (greater than 45 bpm) is called accelerated idioventricular rhythm.
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