EKG Drills and Quizzes

Graded Interpretation Quizzes

These ECG quizzes evaluate the student or practitioner's EKG interpretation skills. These quizzes have been designed by our author's to supplement their online, classroom and clinical materials. The Comprehensive Quiz is the most challenging, as it requires knowledge of over 50 types of EKGs.

An EKG tracing is presented and the user selected an answer from the multi-choices. Immediate correct/incorrect feedback is provided and a cumulative score is displays. After the user answers all questions (typically 20-40 tracings), a detailed report provides the tracing, user's answer and the correct answer for each question.

A certificate with user's name, quiz date, score and quiz title is saved to the user's dashboard. Earned certificates can be printed on demand. Users must be registered and signed-in to access their user dashboard.

Practice Drills and Coaching

Non-graded drills for building EKG analysis and interpretation skills.


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