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Mild Pulmonic Regurgitation Lesson

Virtual Auscultation

patient torso with stethoscope chestpiece

patient position during auscultation
The patient's position is sitting leaning forward.


This lesson presents mild pulmonic regurgitation. Note that first and second heart sounds are normal (S2 is split) in the recording. Systole is silent. A high-pitched decrescendo murmur occurs in the first half of diastole. The murmur begins immediately after S2. The intensity of the murmur increases with inspiration, indicating a right-sided origin of the murmur.

Auscultate this murmur at the pulmonic area and with the patient sitting up and leaning forward.

In the animation you can see the turbulent blood flow from the pulmonary artery into the right ventricle during early diastole. You can see the minimally thickened pulmonic valve leaflets. This murmur can be caused by an infection of the pulmonic valve leaflets.


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