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Please use good quality headphones or earphones. Computer or mobile speakers often fail to reproduce certain heart sound.

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MedEdu Websites

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Learn basic to advanced heart sound auscultation using our courses, reference guides and quizzes. Over 65 abnormalities are covered. Graded quizzes and course completion certificates now available!


The website offers 15 EKG mini-courses. Each mini-course can be taken in 30-60 minutes. In additional, this website offers several web-apps that provide EKG interpretation coaching, drills and graded quizzes.

EKG Academy

This website focuses on point-of-care ultrasound training, with an emphasis on emergency room cases drawn from the Yale School of Medicine's staff experience.

Ultrasound Guide

Efficiently learn and retain medical terms or brush up for board exams using this website's smart flash cards and word-parts tutorials.

Medical Terminology Flashcards