EKG Training - DE, ES, FR

4 Jan 2017

Multiple Language EKG Training

In conjunction with EKG Academy we are releasing EKG training materials in German, French and Spanish.


Heart Sound Drills

17 Sep 2016

New Heart Sound Drills

Have you ever struggled with identifying tricky heart sounds? Our new heart sounds drill web app, developed by Dr Jon Keroes and David Lieberman, uses repetition training coupled with testing to solve this problem. Ten different heart sound drills are initially available. All are free to use on this website.

Users can also save their progress, allowing them to sign-in and continue with these heart sound drills.


Mobile Friendly Website

26 Aug 2016

Hello and welcome to our new blog.

Today we are pleased to announced that our website is fully mobile friendly. For the past two years our most popular content was available via a dedicated mobile section of this website. Now all content is available in a mobile, responsive format for smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops.

Over the next few weeks, look for more content including redesigned EKG quizzes and a new auscultation training module.

smartphone screenshot

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