Pulmonary Function | Spirometry Module Quiz

Course Exercises (not scored)

Question #1

Which of the following cannot be obtained via spirometry?

  • Forced vital capacity
  • FEV1
  • Peak flowrate
  • Residual volume
The correct answer is residual volume.

Question #2

During the performance of the forced vital capacity, the patient should do which of the following?

  • Inhale slowly to total lung capacity
  • Exhale hard and fast to residual volume
  • Exhale slowly to functional residual capacity
  • Inhale fast then exhale fast
The correct answer is exhale hard and fast to residual volume.

Question #3

The FVC is considered to be normal if it is which of the following?

  • At least 4 liters
  • At least 5 liters
  • At least 70% of predicted
  • At least 80% of predicted
The correct answer is at least 80% of predicted.

Question #4

The severity of an obstructive disorder is determined on the basis of which of the following?

  • FVC
  • FEV
  • FEF
  • PEFR
The correct answer is FEV.

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