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A&D: ascending & descending

A-P: anterior-posterior

AAL: anterior axillary line

ab-: away from

ad-: toward, increase

AE: above elbow

AK: above the knee

ambi-: both, both sides, around

ana-: up, apart, again

ant.: anterior

ante-: forward, before

anter/o: front

anterior: front

apo-: separate, away from

BE: below elbow

bilat: bilateral

BK: below the knee

cata-: down

circum-: around

cis-: on the same side, on the near side

contra-: against, opposite

deep: Below the surface of the skin or within body cavity or limbs.

dextr/o: right

dis-: twice, apart, not

dist/o: distant, far

distal: farthest from the origin

dors/o: back of body

dorsum: top of the foot

ecto-: out, outward

en-: in, within

endo-: within

epi-: above, on, following

eso-: inward

ex-: out, away from

exo-: outside, outward

ext: exterior

extra-: outside of, beyond

fore-: before, in front

frontal coronal plane: Separates the body's anterior and posterior

ICS: intercostal space

inf.: inferior

inferior: below

infra-: below, down, under

inter-: between

ipsi-: same

juxta-: near, close

L&R: left & right

lat: lateral

later/o: side

lateral: Away from the body's midline

LE: lower extremity

levo-: left

LLE: left lower extremity

LLL: left lower lobe

LLQ: left lower quadrant

LUE: left upper extremity

LUL: left upper lobe

LUQ: left upper quadrant

medi/o: middle

medial: Toward the body's midline

P-A: posteroanterior

peri-: around, surrounding

post-: after, behind, back

post.: posterior

posterior: back

pre-: before, in front of

prone: Lying on the abdomen

pros/o: forward, anterior

prox.: proximal

proxim/o: nearest

proximal: Nearest to the point of attachment to the trunk

retro-: backward

RLE: right lower extremity

RLL: right lower lobe

RLQ: right lower quadrant

RUE: right upper extremity

RUL: right upper lobe

RUQ: right upper quadrant

sagittal plane: separates the body's left and right sections

sinistr/o: left

sub-: under, below

sup.: superior

super-: above, beyond

superficial: near the surface

superior: above

supination: The condition of being supine. Alternatively, the act of turning the hand so that the palm is up.

supine: lying face up

supra-: above, upward

tel/o: complete, end

trans-: across, through

transverse horizontal plane: separates the body's upper and lower sections

UE: upper extremity

ventr/o: front, belly side

ventral: Pertaining to the belly or front of the body.

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