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Medical TermDescription
-ectasisdilation, stretching
-lithotomyincision for stone removal
-pexysurgical fixation
-tripsyto crush
ablationRemoval of tissue by vaporization, abrasion, freezing or other methods.
anuriaAbsence of urine formation.
bladderA hollow, expandable muscular sac that stores urine produced by the kidneys until excretion.
cyst/ourinary bladder, cyst, sac of fluid
cystitisInflammation of the urinary bladder.
cystoceleA prolapse of the bladder into the vagina.
dia-complete, through
dialysisA therapeutic procedure used in patients with kidney failure for removal of harmful wastes and fluids from the blood.
diuresisIncreased excretion of urine.
enuresisInvoluntary discharge of urine after completed development of urinary control.
epispadiasA birth defect due to malformation of the urethra.
hematuriaRed blood cells in the urine.
hemodialysisA therapeutic procedure used with kidney failure involving removal of harmful wastes and fluids from the blood.
hydronephrosisAbnormal enlargement of a kidney, sometimes caused by blockage of the ureter.
hypospadiasA birth defect due to malformation of the urethra in which the urethral opening is below its normal location.
incontinenceThe inability to control the flow of urine from the bladder.
interstitial cystitisPainful bladder syndrome.
kidneyOne of a pair of organs that filter blood for the secretion of urine and that regulates ion concentrations.
lith/ostone, calcification
nephrolithiasisFormation of kidney stones.
nephronVery small filtering structures in the kidneys.
nephrotic syndromeDisease of the kidney without inflammatory or neoplastic components.
nocturiaPatient needs to wake at night to pass urine.
oliguriaDecreased urinary output.
peritoneal dialysisDialysis fluid being introduced into and removed from the peritoneal cavity.
polycystic kidney diseaseAn inherited disease in which cysts develop within the kidneys.
polyuriaExcessive production of urine.
pyel/orenal pelvis
pyuriaWhite blood cells or pus cells in the urine.
uremiaPresence of excessive amounts of urea in the blood. May be a sign of renal disease or failure.
urethritisInflammation of the urethra, causing painful and difficult urination.
urin/ourine, urinary system
urinary bladderA muscular, membranous sac along the urinary tract that store urine until urination.
urinationDischarge of urine from the body.
urineThe fluid containing waste products and water secreted by the kidneys, then stored in the urinary bladder until urination.
urologyA surgical specialty concerned with the study, diagnosis, and treatment of diseases of the urinary tract in both sexes, and the genital tract in the male.
vesic/obladder, blister

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