Heart Sounds Drill 1

Early diastolic decrescendo vs. late diastolic crescendo murmur - Listen

This drill will contrast two cycles with diastolic murmurs. The first has an early decrescendo shaped high frequency murmur and the second has a late crescendo shaped low frequency murmur.

The early diastolic murmur occurs immediately after the second heart sound. The late diastolic murmur occurs just before the first heart sound.

The early diastolic murmur is an indication of aortic insufficiency. The late diastolic murmur is an indication of mitral stenosis.

Use the listen and learn tab to learn the difference in sound between the early and late diastolic murmurs.

Listen as long as you want. When you are confident that you can detect the difference, move on to the test. In the test we will play cycles randomly and ask you to tell which is which.


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